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Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Drywall Worx provides top-tier insulation and vapour barrier solutions. Our expertise ensures optimal energy efficiency and moisture control for your space, guaranteeing a comfortable and durable environment.

Drywall Worx Lethbridge Drywall Contractors Residential Insulation installation

Expert Vapor Barrier and Insulation Services

Drywall Worx ensures your home is fortified against moisture and temperature fluctuations. Our certified vapour barriers are meticulously installed to guard against indoor humidity and water damage, essential for maintaining air quality and structural integrity.

We excel in fitting homes with top-tier insulation, including fibreglass batts for thermal control, Rockwool for enhanced fire safety and sound dampening, and eco-friendly cellulose for attic spaces to counteract moisture penetration. Our Lethbridge clients benefit from our precise, clean, and 100% waterproof insulation services.

With Drywall Worx, you receive durable, efficient home protection, keeping your indoor climate comfortable and your walls, ceilings, and basements secure from the elements.

Vapor Barrier Protection

Thermal Insulation

Soundproofing Solutions

Fire-Resistant Applications

Eco-Friendly Insulation

Moisture Control Systems

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